Booking Information


Austin Babtist Women
c/o Garry Holley
2501 Crownspoint Drive
Austin, Texas 78748

Phone: 512.291.1563


Performance Requirements

Sound: Adequate professional grade sound system required with sufficient  wattage to permeate performance space with a volume level louder than the spoken voice.  A live microphone (wireless preferred) attached to main sound system is also required.  Monitors in performance space may be required if on stage volume can be masked by crowd noise. A CD player capable of playing computer generated custom CDs attached to the main sound system.  A DJ or other person(s) familiar with the sound and light systems must operate the system during performance and interface with representative of Austin Babtist Women. If needed, the Austin Babtist Women can provide a sound system and operator for a rental fee.

Lights: Adequate professional lighting to illuminate entire performance space
where all performers are adequately visible by audience. Spotlight(s) preferred but
not required. If needed, the Austin Babtist Women can provide lighting system and operator for a rental fee.

Dressing Room: A dressing space should be provided with easy access to the
performance space with ample room to accommodate 5 adults.  Adequate lighting
and mirrors should be provided.

Travel: The Austin Babtist Women receive many invitations a year to perform all
over the United States. Travel, accommodation and/or other expenses/fees may be
required.  The Austin Babtist Women make every effort to minimize  costs when
engaged by charitable organizations, thereby increasing funds returned to the
beneficiary.  Travel and other costs are negotiable per engagement.  Contact

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